11 Months and Cousin Alex!

Jason is doing great at 11 months. He’s working up to walking by standing unaided and walking/launching himself towards people and furniture. He likes to wave “hello” and “bye-bye”, says “Mama” and “Dada” and understands a lot more words than he can speak.

On March 15, Jason reached the 11-month mark and got a new cousin, Alexander Joseph. We all came up to Ohio to be here for the birth and Alex is definitely worth it…a real cutie. Jason is fascinated by him, and was very worried whenever Alex cried, adding his own whimpers and reaching out to Alex to “help.” He’s looking forward to lots of future visits when they can play together.

Jason’s also enjoying time with his Grandma and his Uncle Tommy. He did great on the trip up, especially given that it’s a whopping nine hours by car. We continue to be impressed with how well-behaved and sweet-natured he is.

Nine Months

Well, Jason hit the nine-month mark on Thursday, January 15, and went in for his checkup the next day. The best news was no shots (!), and he got a clean bill of health all the way around.

For those of you keeping stats, Jason’s now 29 1/2 inches tall (placing him in the 90th percentile), and — surprisingly to us — “just” 24 lbs, 3 oz (95th percentile). He’s making good use of his six teeth and has moved on to some finger foods like cookies, bread, cheerios, pear slices and bits of chicken.

He can pull himself up to his feet now while holding onto the coffee table, the couch or Mom and Dad, and when he decided he was really against taking a nap, he pulled himself up using the bars on his crib. He also likes letting go to stand on his own, but he gets so excited by this that he tries to jump up and down and lands on his bottom.

All I Want For Christmas…

Jason enjoyed his first Christmas, even though he didn’t quite know what to make of it all. The big hits, as expected, were the lights on the tree and all the wrapping paper. Some mornings he’d stare at the tree expectantly until we plugged it in, at which point he’d say, “Ahhh…”

There were some fun new toys, cool blocks and clothes to enjoy. Jason also got some neat new books that he loves us to sit down and read to him. Another hit was a teddy bear from Grandma that recites “The night before Christmas.” After a couple hundred repetitions, its safe to say Jason’s the only one in the house who isn’t sick of that poem by now. Though he’s bound to miss the bear after the holidays, it’s definitely going in a box with the Christmas decorations.

Like the old song, Jason got his two front teeth for Christmas, or near enough, with a couple more thrown in for good measure. Now he has his incisors plus one more on top and a single tooth in the bottom front.

Daddy had two weeks off and spent a lot of time babysitting. Now that he’s back at work everyone is having to adjust a bit. The next big event (scheduled, anyway) will be a nine-month check-up at the doctors’.

Holidays, Grandmas and Earthquakes

Jason enjoyed his first Thanksgiving with daddy’s extended family this year, then had a blast visiting with Grandma Patricia and Great-Grandma Marie for a fun five days at the start of December. We fit in a “four-generation” portrait while they were down, since it doesn’t happen every day.

Having survived Hurricane Isabel, Jason seems destined to try out all the other natural disasters, too. Tuesday, Dec. 9 we had an earthquake here that measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale. Small potatoes to our friends out west, but unheard of here since way back in 1897! Daddy was at work…in a basement…when it hit, and Mommy had some anxious moments at home. But Jason slept through it all, as he did the worst of the Hurricane. Nerves of steel, that kid.

We’re all looking forward to spending some time together over the Christmas break. Jason is enjoying the lights on the tree and his teddy bear that recites “The Night Before Christmas.” Otherwise all this hub-bub is going right over his head. But next year should be a big deal for sure.

Six Months (!)

Incredible as it seems, Jason is now six months old. Last week we took him in for his check-up and it’s official…he’s big.

The scores went like this: height = 90th percentile, weight = 97th percentile, head circumference = 97th percentile. The 97s were only because the doctor doesn’t believe in giving 100s. We also found out that the strangely low figures from last time (see entry: “Four Months“) were because the doctor looked at the chart wrong. She used the 6-month markers, meaning that at 4 months, Jason was racking up “average” scores for a 6-month old.

A few days earlier, Jason attended his first group play date at a neighbor’s house and had a lot of fun seeing and interacting with the other kids. One little girl put a ball in front of him and to our surprise he immediately figured out how to roll it back and forth to her (he’d never seen a ball before). So we went out and got him a ball of his own, a “basketball” about half official size, and he loves to lay on his back and transfer it from his hands to between his feet, let go with his hands, lower his feet with the ball between them and raise it back up again to his hands. In short, he seems to have some chimpanzee blood in him. Maybe we have a future soccer player on our hands.